University of Wisconsin - Madison
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, United States
Basic Information:
  • The University of Wisconsin–Madison is a selective public research university. Founded when Wisconsin achieved statehood in 1848, UW–Madison is the official state university of Wisconsin. The 933-acre main campus includes four National Historic Landmarks. So, the history's there already...but don't we want to make our own? We were given this amazing campus, in this amazing city, in this amazing country, on this amazing planet...but that's all in danger unless we work together, step by step, to live in a greener world. We, as a campus, need to GET UP, GET OUT, AND GET GREEN! Join the revolution to conserve this phenomenal world around us. Be a part of the movement to protect this earth. Badgers unite and fight for all the beauty nature has to offer!

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65.5% Volunteer
4.3% Taking Part
22.6% Leading
Impact - UN Global Goals
1,256 hours
1,192 hours
859 hours
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