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Mobile Tools That Fit Into The Active Lifestyle Of A Volunteer

Students add service activities in seconds. A photo and a few comments capture the spirit of each service experience.

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Mobile Tools
Service Resume
Your InnerView Service Resume Is As Dynamic As You Are

Carry your InnerView Service Resume into each area of *goodness* in your life. InnerView creates a single artifact connecting your breadth and legacy of impact and growth across all activities, clubs and nonprofits to highlight your commitment, development, and awards.

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Discover More About Your Growth As A Global Citizen

With each activity, students gain valuable skills, practice human agility, improve communications and invest in the common good. InnerView highlights individual and group progress along the way.

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What Do Students On InnerView Say About Volunteering?
  • Ultimately, this experience for me was very impactful as it not only showed me the importance of leadership to help others, but it also allowed me to see the importance of collaborating and communicating with others to accomplish a common task."

    High School Student

  • Using the InnerView system takes the hassle of difficult tracking out and lets you dive into and beter enjoy your service. Tying it to a Global Goal makes you realize you are effecting the world and not just the people you directly touch."

    College Student

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Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, all students ages 14 to 24, in the United States, are able to join InnerView to manage service activity and develop an InnerView Service Resume free of charge.

The accounts are owned by students, which is why students must accept the InnerView Terms of Use upon creating an account. All the legacy service data is anchored to the individual to transition through life stages.

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