Corporate Social Responsibility
Every Day to EPIC.
Community Impact
Connect Your Programs, Messages And Community Impact With The Global Goals

This generation is more aware of challenges today and interested in real solutions. Help introduce actionable paths serving local community needs and progress for the Global Goals.

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Engage Impact-Driven Youth With Your Organization

Extend social responsibility messages, nonprofits and programs with passionate students, local schools and leaders that align with your social impact goals. Thanks to your support, service resumes help tell a student story of impact.

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Social Responsibility
Service Recognition
Recognize Activities, Skills And Commitment With Awards

Develop lasting relationships with committed students and their families as students demonstrate and develop valuable skills.

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Access Insights To Better Understand And Engage Youth

Student volunteers lead rich lives with a range of interests, activities and memberships. Gain access to cause priorities, patterns of engagement and year to year progressions. Deepen the understanding of current student leaders and future employees.

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Youth Insights
Connect Good People
And Great Programs On InnerView
What Do Program And Market Leaders Say About InnerView?
  • Offering a state-wide youth award gives us another avenue to recognize their volunteer service and lift up their efforts to better our state‚Äôs communities."

    Ginna Holmes

    Executive Director

    Michigan Community Service Commission

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    We are thrilled to partner with InnerView to call on students to serve and celebrate on these days of service. Volunteering is a gateway to a lifetime of civic participation and days of service are on-ramps to volunteering, especially for first-time volunteers."

    Steven A. Culbertson

    President and CEO

    Youth Service America

Explore The Paths To Join Our Champions Of Change
Regional Awards

Regional Impact Programs

A regional Youth Social Impact pilot helps cultivate and grow programs through a purposeful and measured path. Better connect passionate students and nonprofits in your region to serve local needs while introducing the Global Goals to your community.

Global Goal Sponsor

National Global Goal Sponsor

Impact driven volunteers are curious about solutions, programs, and jobs that address the Global Goals. We are seeking visible industry leaders with demonstrated investment and interest in people, communities and causes to drive the change the world needs.

Contact us for pricing and program information.

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University of Michigan Volunteers

Michigan is working with InnerView to offer a state-wide program to recognize students driving local impact.

Meal Packaging

The Kroger Company has a national Zero Hunger Zero Waste initiative including support for InnerView students, programs with national nonprofits and more...

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