Kroger : Zero Hunger | Zero Waste
Global Goal 12
Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Kroger's Zero Hunger | Zero Waste plan includes a commitment to achieve zero waste by 2020 and zero food waste by 2025. Helping keep food and recyclables out of landfills helps people and our planet. See more here.


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The Kroger Co.
Innovation, Leadership & Support

The Kroger Co.

Zero Hunger | Zero Waste is Kroger's commitment to end hunger in our communities and eliminate waste across our company by 2025.

Meaningful Community Activities
Collect Recycling
  • Collect items for recycling
  • Clean up beach or park
  • Plant trees
Start a Green Team
  • Start a Green Team
  • Create a community garden
  • Lead Earth Day celebration

Days of Awareness

Global Recycling Day

March 18

World Environment Day

June 5

Earth Day

April 22

Stop Food Waste Day

September 27

Arbor Day

April 24

Keeping recyclables and food out of landfills saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and conserves natural resources.
Kroger Zero Hunger Zero Waste
Zero Hero Award

Sponsored By The Kroger Co.

Zero Heroes like you make our communities brighter by helping eliminate waste.

Zero Hero Blue

8 Hours of Service

Reduce waste

Activities include:
  • Collect recyclables
  • Donate clothing and household items
  • Compost food waste

Zero Hero Green

20 Hours of Service

Take action at school and community

Activities include:
  • Start a community garden
  • Plan a speaker series at school
  • Plant trees

Zero Hero Gold

40 Hours of Service

Lead & inspire others

Activities include:
  • Cafeteria food waste audit
  • Raise awareness for climate change
  • Lead field trip to recycling facility
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