Green Cord
5720 McNeil Dr, Austin, TX 78729, USA
Basic Information:
  • The “Green Cord” Community Service Award Program is an initiative designed to help high school students gain a sense of community service, pride, and ownership. The program is a way to encourage 9th -12th grade students to contribute 50 - 100+ hours of approved community service . Those students meeting the requirements will be recognized as Green Cord award recipients in each high school year they complete the required hours.

    • Students can be recognized all four years.

    • Students meeting or exceeding requirements for community service will be presented with a Green Cord award for each year of participation.  The minimum requirements are:

      • Freshmen - 50 hours

      • Sophomores - 60 hours

      • Juniors - 75 hours

      • Seniors - 100 hours

    • During the senior year, graduates will earn a “Green Cord” to wear during the high school graduation ceremony.

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