Colerain High School
8801 Cheviot Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45251, USA
Basic Information:
  • Colerain High School is a public high school located near Cincinnati, Ohio. It is part of the Northwest Local School District. The high school is located in Colerain Township, about 14 miles northwest of downtown Cincinnati. The original school opened in 1924 under the name Colerain Centralized School at 4700 and 4850 Poole Road and is now Colerain Elementary School and Colerain Middle School. Today's Colerain High School opened in 1964 at its newer address, 8801 Cheviot Road. It is the largest public school in the Colerain area in terms of enrollment and building size, with over 2,200 students currently attending CHS in two buildings on campus, the main school building and the Career Center building. Today, Colerain has grown to become one of the largest high schools in the state of Ohio.