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Barrington Mother's Day 5K 2019
5/12/19 6:45 AM - 5/12/19 10:30 AM
200 Spring Street, Barrington Il 60010
200 Spring Street, Barrington, IL, USA
Volunteer will help with registration, Course Marshal and Water station
  • Registration assistant – Volunteers will help with the process of participants checking in. They will check if the participant is registered by last name and if so then give them their race materials. Some volunteers will also assist with the process of new participants signing up the day of the race. Post-race registration/food – Once registration is closed the tents will be used for food primarily. Volunteers will help organize the food and monitor it while participants are finishing. Shirt exchanging will also be going on. Participants will be asking to exchange their shirt for a different size and at this time it is okay as long as they didn’t run in it. Course Marshal – Course marshals will be placed on the course and help direct the participants so they run the correct way. Here we ask the volunteers to be as enthusiastic as possible encouraging the runners to have a good time. Water Station – Volunteers assigned to the water station will fill up cups of water and help distribute them to passing participants. *Volunteers will more than likely work more than one job throughout the event. **There are other smaller jobs throughout the duration of the event that are not listed.
  • Transportation Details & Disability Access
    volunteer need to have there own transportation

  • Training Required
    Volunteer need to bring the volunteer agreement sing see below, or go in our web page at www.wingsprogram.com to get a copy. Or send an email to Bruna at bsrb@wingsprogram.com Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability This Release and Waiver of Liability (the “Release”) is executed as of the date set forth next to Volunteer’s signature at the bottom of this Release and is entered into by and between Volunteer in favor of WINGS Program, Inc. (“WINGS”), an Illinois not-for-profit Private Social Service Agency. I, the Volunteer, desire to work as a volunteer for WINGS and engage in the activities assigned to me from time to time by WINGS in my capacity as a volunteer. WINGS desires to accept my volunteer services subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. In consideration of the foregoing and other valuable consideration, the parties agree: Release and Waiver: VOLUNTEER DOES HEREBY WAIVE, RELEASE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE AND HOLD HARMLESS WINGS, AFFILIATED COMPANIES, SUBSIDIARIES AND ANY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS, FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY, DAMAGES, CLAIMS, CAUSES OF ACTION AND DEMANDS OF WHATEVER KIND OR NATURE, EITHER IN LAW OR IN EQUITY, WHICH MAY ARISE OR RESULT DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY FROM VOLUNTEER’S ACTIVITIES WITH WINGS. Volunteer understands that this Release discharges WINGS from any liability or claim that the Volunteer may have against WINGS, including but not limited to, claims for bodily injury, personal injury, illness, death, or property damage, first aid, emergency treatment, medical or other service rendered or not rendered to Volunteer that may result directly or indirectly from Volunteer’s activities with WINGS, whether caused by the negligence or breach of contract of WINGS or otherwise. Volunteer expressly agrees that this Release and Waiver is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by law. Medical Treatment: Volunteer does hereby waive, release and forever discharge WINGS from any claim whatsoever which arises or may hereafter arise out of or result directly or indirectly from any first aid, emergency treatment, medical or other service rendered or not rendered to Volunteer in connection with the Volunteer’s Activities. Assumption of Risk: Volunteer acknowledges and agrees that the volunteer activities may include work and occur in locations that may be hazardous to safety of the Volunteer and others. VOLUNTEER HEREBY EXPRESSLY AND SPECIFICALLY ASSUMES ALL RISK OF BODILY INJURY, PERSONAL INJURY, ILLNESS, DEATH OR PROPERTY DAMAGE THAT MAY ARISE OUT OF OR RESULT DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY FROM VOLUNTEER’S PARTICIPATION IN THE VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES. Financial Assistance/Insurance: Volunteer acknowledges and agrees that WINGS does not assume any responsibility for or obligation to provide Volunteer with financial or other assistance. Volunteer understands that, except as otherwise agreed to by an officer of WINGS in writing, WINGS does not carry or maintain health, medical, or disability insurance coverage for any Volunteer. Each Volunteer is expected and encouraged to obtain his or her own insurance coverage. ________________ INITIAL HERE CONTINUED ON OTHER SIDE Governing Law/Venue: THIS AGREEMENT SHALL BE GOVERNED BY AND CONSTRUED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE INTERNAL LAWS (AS OPPOSED TO THE CONFLICT OF LAW PROVISIONS) OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS. FOR ANY ACTION, SUIT OR PROCEEDING RAISING SUCH CLAIMS, THE EXCLUSIVE FORUMS SHALL BE THE STATE COURTS OF COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS, OR THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS. THE PARTIES HEREBY IRREVOCABLY SUBMIT TO THE JURISDICTION OF THE FOREGOING COURTS FOR ANY SUCH ACTION, SUIT OR PROCEEDING. Volunteer has read, understands and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Volunteer understands that by signing this Agreement, Volunteer is giving up legal rights and remedies that may have otherwise been available to Volunteer. Volunteer Signature: _______________________________________________________________________________ Name (Please Print): _____________________________________________Date: _________________________ Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip: ___________________________________________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________ Email:___________________________________________________ 0 You have my permission to add me to your mailing lists and I verify I am over 18. If the Volunteer is under age 18: Signature of Parent/Guardian: ___________________________________________________________________ Name (Please Print): _____________________________________________Date: ________________________ Emergency Contact Information: In Case of Emergency Contact: ___________________________________________________________________ Relationship: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip: __________________________________________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

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