Silver Cord
13719 Harmony Rd, Huntley, IL 60142, USA
Basic Information:
  • The Silver Cord program is an opportunity for HHS students to be recognized for 100 hours of service completed over their 4 years of high school.  Volunteering is performing a service with no personal gain which gives back to the community and makes a difference to people around you. To earn a Silver Cord, students must complete at least 25 hours of approved service each year, for a total of 100 hours.  All hours must be logged and confirmed in Innerview (our volunteer platform) by the following dates: 
    -Freshmen - 25 hours by 5/31
    -Sophomores - 50 hours by 5/31
    -Juniors - 75 hours by 5/31
    -Seniors - 100 hours by second Friday in March of senior year


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